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UML 2 Illustrated - Developing Real-Time & Communications Systems
Oct. 2003 - 316 pages - 17x24 cm - paperback - 59 Euros - ISBN 2-9516600-1-4

“This book is a must-have for software engineers, teachers and students wishing to learn how
they can use UML 2 to improve the development of communications or real-time systems.”

--Bertrand Hardy, CAD Manager, PHILIPS Wireless.

Written by a consultant with a solid experience in complex real-time and communications systems development, UML 2 Illustrated provides clear practical guidance on how to best use the second generation of the Unified Modeling Language to develop complex systems, either embedded or not.

In the first half of the book, UML 2 (or UML2) is explained in a simple-to-read format, diagram by diagram and symbol by symbol, through over 180 figures.

In the second half of the book you will practice a hands-on extensive UML 2 case study, guiding you in 18 steps through the visual modeling of a simplified protocol layer, its validation by simulation, its automatic coding and its execution on Win32 and VxWorks, using Telelogic Tau Developer Generation 2, the first tool supporting UML 2. You can perform the 11 first case study steps with or without an UML tool. To practice UML 2 simulation as shown in the book, you can download the free trial version of Tau Generation 2.

Contents at a glance:
  • What is new in UML 2
  • Standard UML 2 explained
  • UML 2 Real-Time profile implemented in Tau Generation 2
  • Case study: build an UML 2 model of V.76, a protocol layer similar to LAPD used in GSM/UMTS
  • Case study: simulate this V.76 layer UML 2 model and generate C code for Win32 and VxWorks
  • Supplement: model a segmentation layer below V.76, similar to ATM AL-5 used in GPRS/UMTS

You can found here the files containing the case study UML 2 models, book updates, etc.