Success stories

"I believe that Laurent is one of the top experts worldwide in using Formal Verification and Validation technology, and he is great at teaching his knowledge during training classes using ObjectGEODE, the VERILOG SDL toolset. We always get extremely positive feedback from our customers."

      Vincent Encontre
      Chief Operating Officer
      VERILOG Inc.
      Dallas, Texas

"Excellent trainer."

      Uwe Klatt
      Senior Software Engineer
      Intelligent Networks Design Team
      Berlin, Germany

"Laurent came to us for two sessions. The first session was to identify problems in our SDL designs and reformat them so we could begin verifying and simulating our designs with ObjectGEODE. During this first session he introduced us to the tool and it's capabilities for modeling.
The best part of the first session was that we were not working with some fictitious model. We were working with the model that we use in our designs. This made the training more valuable, since we were able to ask the questions that were most relevant to us.
We set up a second session several months after the first. During the second session, we were able to ask specific questions about modeling and the tool. Having the second session a few months after the first allowed us to develop a list of questions as we gained more experience with ObjectGEODE. During the second session we were ready to run simulation on our model.
We look forward to having Laurent come back to help us at some future date."

      Donald Koerkel
      Senior Software Engineer
      Call Processing for the IRIDIUM (R) Earth
      Terminal Controller-Communications Subsystem
      Cellular Infrastructure Group
      MOTOROLA, Inc.
      Arlington Heights, Illinois

"In system SDL modeling for dispatch features, Laurent helped out in a number of areas:
1) Debugging in order to get the Box SDL Model compiled and simulatable.
2) Answering questions to address System SDL Model issues helping the System SDL Models simulation and auto-coding efforts.
3) Providing insights and recommendations into SDL methodology issues and ObjectGEODE tool issues.
Overall, we were pleased with the help we received in the two short weeks we had Laurent's service and in the future when the need arises, we will not hesitate to use his services again. Laurent's help was valuable in getting us up to speed with becoming comfortable with the SDL Language and with the ObjectGEODE tool."

      Ike Penas
      Senior Staff Engineer
      iDEN SF Architecture Team 
      MOTOROLA, Inc.
      Arlington Heights, Illinois

"As far as SDL Simulation is concerned, it is very difficult to find anybody who knows it better than Laurent."

      Elie COHEN
      Technical Manager
      VERILOG Inc.
      Dallas, Texas
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