Laurent DOLDI - TransMeth Sud-Ouest
27, av. Segoffin
Nationality: french. Born 23 Sept. 1956

Tel.: +33 5 61 25 59 54
Mobile: +33 6 80 26 62 31




C, Java, UML, SDL,
Real-time engineering



Since 1997: TransMeth Sud-Ouest

Engineering and consulting

Reverse engineering ADA to SDL

SDL modeling and simulation of the interface between the On-Board Computer and the 1553 bus for Ariane 5 rocket. For Astrium, France.


SDL consultancy, and validation of GPRS SDL models. For Philips, France.

C, VxWorks, Tornado, UMTS

In a UMTS Node-B project, development of a VxWorks C task to interface the SDL processes (developped with TAU/SDT) and other VxWorks tasks. For Mitsubishi, France.

C, 8 bit microcontroller

Customization of the ObjectGeode SDL to C code generator environment to generate C code and run it on a Motorola 68HC11 microcontoller. For Alcatel, Germany.

GNU gcc, VxWorks, Tornado

Evaluation of ObjectGeode SDL to C code generator. Tweaking of ObjectGeode to replace Microsoft Visual C++ with GNU C compiler. Execution of an SDL model distributed across two Sparc boards under VxWorks communicating through UDP/IP. For Astrium, France.

Multi-task real-time architecture

SDL modeling of the specifications and of the design of Ariane 5 Inertial Reference System. For Astrium, France.

Complex layer 3 protocol

Specification in SDL and validation by simulation of the VBS (Variable Bandwidth Service) protocol for optimized satellite voice and data transmission. For Inmarsat, London.

I2C bus, SMbus

SDL modeling and validation of PC monitoring software embedded in the Athlon processor chipset. For AMD, Germany.

Satellite and mobile communications

SDL consultancy for Iridium and iDEN projects. For Motorola, USA.

SDL compiler design

Specification of an SDL to SLEL compiler for HP Open Call SCE, Intelligent Networks service design platform. For Hewlett-Packard, France.



Training courses on UML, SDL, MSC and ASN.1 (design, simulation or code generation) in various countries for Airbus, Alcatel, AMD, Bull, ENSICA, IFR, Intellect, IPWireless, Motorola, Philips, Rhode&Schwarz, Supelec, Thomson, Université Paul Sabatié and Zellweger Analytics.

1987-1996: VERILOG Toulouse (now TELELOGIC)

Engineering and consulting

Air Traffic Control

ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance) protocol modeling in SDL, ATN CNS/ATM-1 Package. For Eurocontrol.

Testing, networks

Automatic TTCN test cases generation from the SDL specification of the DREX ISDN military protocol (with France Telecom, INRIA and Cap Sesa). For the French Air Force.

Safety-critical systems

Advanced computer controlled gearbox software modeling and safety assessment by simulation. For Peugeot-Renault, PROMETHEUS project.

Air Traffic Control

CAMELIA flying demonstrator: ObjectGeode training and consulting for modeling Data-Link Air Traffic Management protocols. For Airbus and French Civil Aviation - DGAC.

Networks, protocols

Consulting for simulation of military ISDN protocols in SDL language. For French Air Force.

Complex layer 2 protocols

Modeling and validation by simulation of five ICAO-AMSS aeronautical satellite protocols (Data-Link between pilots and controllers via satellites). For STNA and Eurocontrol.

Avionics testing

Quality Assurance study for Mirage 2000 and Rafale avionics test ATEC software. For CEAT.

Customer support and training

ObjectGeode software

Marketing, pre-sales presentations, training in France, Germany, India, Ireland and USA.

Petri nets and Estelle tools

EVAL (Petri nets simulator) and VEDA2 (Estelle simulator) product manager. Writing of training material, and training of teachers and salesmen.

Software development

Eiffel, C-Unix

Development of the VEDA2 simulator, partly funded by France Telecom.


Development of extensions to ASA, toolset for specification and simulation.

1982-1987: AEROSPATIALE Toulouse (now AIRBUS France)

Simulation, avionics

Design and development of the code generator for A320 autopilot and fly-by-wire systems simulation (SAO project).

Software engineering

SAO simulator software specification and sub-contracting (90 man.months).

Safety-critical systems

Real-time safety-critical software development in assembler and PL/M for Airbus A300-600 & A310 autopilot computers based on Intel 8086 processors (FAC, FCC, TCC).


Design languages

UML, UML 2, SDL, MSC, ASN.1, TTCN, Petri nets, Estelle, SAO.


Telelogic's ObjectGeode, Tau SDL Suite and TTCN Suite, Tau Generation 2 (Tau Developper), Scade, Tornado, GNU gcc.


Assemblers, C, JAVA, Eiffel, Pascal, Fortran, XML, HTML, JavaScript.

Operating systems

Unix, Linux, VxWorks, MacOS, Windows NT4, Windows 2000.


Sun workstations, Mac, PC, microcontollers (6800, 8086, Sparc ERC32, 68HC11).


INSA 1980

Electronics and Real-time Systems Engineer degree granted by Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Toulouse


Computer science Mastère from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace