SDL Consulting

Either using ObjectGEODE or TAU SDL or TTCN Suites Telelogic tools, or the tool of your choice.

SDL modelling

Protocols modelling or real-time systems modelling for dependability analysis (faults injection, redundancy modelling ...).

SDL models assessment or restructuring

SDL model improvement, upgrading or evolution.

SDL models simulation - verification

To detect and correct defects in an SDL model: review, static verification, simulation, formal verification, automatic observation during behaviour graph exploration.

Observers building

Building and tuning GOAL, MSC, etc. observers for automatic testing of an SDL model during its simulation.

C code generation from an SDL model

Production of C code from an SDL model using a code generator (ObjectGEODE or TAU). Tuning a generator for a new host or target executive.

TTCN tests cases generation

Production of abstract TTCN test suites from an SDL model, to test its implementations.

Transcription of code into SDL

Transcription into an SDL model of a software written in assembler, C, Fortran, etc. (reverse engineering).

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